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Trapped in Timelessness

The dark and the moonlight weren't sufficient to help her see everything. Brittany focused on the disgusting creature and started screaming.

It was a moment where she just wanted to faint; hoping that when she woke up, everything will be fine and the same as usual.

When Brittany saw the beast running toward Bruce, she screamed again. The fearful woman stood on the dirty roof of an ancient palace and stared in horror at her partner. She remained anxious, chewing on her nails.

The beast looked horrible. Its feet were moving in an amazing speed toward Bruce. At the same time, the terrified man seemed lost. His black eyes were ready to pop out and the expression on his face exhibited the fear and curiosity at how his luck had turned in the wrong direction. Although sweat covered his body, he didn't stop yelling at them.

“Jump outside now!”

The bloody creature was running faster and faster. The moment Bruce looked at its mouth and sharp teeth, his legs trembled. He had no more time to waste. The audacious man rushed to climb away from the danger. In a few minutes, that living thing could kill him and eat his flesh.

The human-like beast had become the personalization of irregularity. It looked like the Minotaur of the Greek mythology with the head of a bull and the body of a man. Most frightening of all was the upper side of this creature.

The view of it was so scary and nasty that none of the six people had the nerve to dare staring at it for too long.

In the meantime, the huge, black bats were flying above the heads of those not being chased by the creature, and the lack of food triggered their will to attack. Their wings were so big that one of them could cover the six people. More than twenty of them flew above the terrified humans.


“I am coming; jump outside now!”

The large, ugly beast was two meters behind him. Bruce was still flirting with death. At the same time, he was moving as fast as he could.

The exhausted man had climbed only the half distance of the rock-solid fence. He tried to ignore his panic and didn’t stop using both hands and feet in order to reach the roof. His muddy fingers were searching the appropriate rocks to hold them tight, but the sharp surface cut into them deeply. Blood rained across the rough ground, which made the black, hairy beast thirstier.

The shock for all of them intensified.

Bruce heard the beast howling. His fear grew until he was petrified. However, he preferred looking at Brittany who had stretched her arm to help him. His black hair fell in front of his face. Sweat ran down his red cheeks, but he didn’t stop.

The rest of the team waited on Bruce. After the battle with the beast, they would have to jump outside the strange structure in which they were trapped.

They hesitated to move on and, since he acted as their leader, he would be the first to dare the next step. The fact that they were standing approximately three meters above the ground caused them to falter often.

“Hurry up!” Brittney cried.

“Don’t look at me, jump!”