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Trapped in Timelessness is the story of two teenage couples and their teachers (also a couple) who get sucked out of normality during a rest on their long bus ride home from their boarding school after semester end. Spat out into another world after ignoring the warning of a mysterious old lady not to enter the forest after dark, a run for life begins as scary creatures of various nature bring them to the edge of sanity.

The Author crafts a nice plotline and draws profiled characters. A.A. Schennas writing is flowery and expressive.

This is an entertaining and short read perfectly crafted for a lengthy public transport ride or waiting room pastime.

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There's something very fun about playing with time in even the simplest of stories. And Schenna's Trapped in Timelessness has huge bats to eagles to scorpions to giants, and 6 trapped pupils. It begins with a bang and retains it through the chronologically jumbled story. Read it for a quick dose of energy.
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Limitless Love Collection is a collection of three short stories that deal with the universal theme of selfless love. Schenna is quite a descriptive writer. He is able to paint a picture of each story's setting through words. Although most of each tale was written as reflections, when dialogue was used, it was believable.

All three stories follow the theme of selfless love. However, each story is a separate entity and tackles the theme in a different way. All three are told from a male perspective, which was interesting because I do not read too many romantic love stories from that perspective. It was intriguing to read how each of the male characters processed the idea unconditional love in a different way and what it meant to them.

Overall, the collection was paced appropriately for it's length and is accessible for a varied audience.

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