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On the Sixth Floor

When Jenna came through the outer doors of her apartment building and stared at her belongings on the sidewalk, the midday sun beating hot on her bare neck and shoulders, she stared at her stuff, helpless. There was no way to do everything in one day, but she never listened to her best friend. She placed her hands on her hips and bit her lips. There were still many huge boxes on the street and she had to rush to take her things up, to her new apartment.

The moment she looked upon her cramped apartment on the sixth floor, she shook her head and seemed ready to give up. “How am I going to do this?” She wondered.

Jenna had lost her courage. She missed the hugs and kisses, even though her ex was scum, right now he was the better choice instead of being alone. She had the absurd belief that she was fighting fate for her happiness. And that no matter how hard she tried, she would fail.

And it was obvious that she was exhausted. Seven trips in and out of the building, carrying her precious items were enough to steal her energy. Meanwhile, the sun’s rays and the unexpected heat insisted on making her life more difficult. The sweat kept running down her face while she needed something to drink.

Although Jenna believed that it would be easy to move on to better and more interesting experiences while dealing seriously with her personal needs and with her life ignoring the nasty past, she couldn’t stop thinking about her future and the decisions she had made. When she rolled her eyes and recalled the strangest facts from her entire life, she changed her mind and stopped having doubts about how her decisions would affect her living in the future.

She pulled her black hair away from her face and rushed to fix the mess starting with the plastic bags and then with the huge boxes. After a while, she took a deep breath, glanced upon her favorite paintings and smiled.

Jenna was flirting with various emotions as her material world looked like a huge mountain ready to fall apart. She looked behind her and waved at the children who watched in silence and waited for her next move. But, regardless of the hard day and the difficulties she had come across, Jenna hadn’t regretted her decision to sell her house and move to a new place. It was her chance to live her life the way she wanted and she didn’t have the least of intention of stepping back.

It was an unusual and weird day as well (since the new beginning had made her insecurities come up), but the worst experience of her life was over and she was thrilled. Nothing could scare her, not anymore.

Jenna seemed to enjoy the first day at her new neighborhood. After two hours of hard work she decided to take a break and she sat in her favorite chair, staring at the children and the pedestrians who glanced at her curiously.

“I will make it.” She loved saying to those who wanted to speak up, but didn’t have the courage to open their mouths and talk. Jenna didn’t actually care about what people would think because she was fine with herself.

“Good luck.” Some teenagers said as she was checking out her emails using her cell phone.


Jenna started laughing. She had managed to get away from George, and now that her daily nightmare had vanished, she was single and free to live her life without her liar husband.

The nasty memory made her dark eyes focus on something else and the colorful café stole her attention immediately. The smell of the donuts was amazing and she couldn’t resist the guilty desire.

She didn’t waste her time; since she needed a coffee and a donut, Jenna left everything behind and ran toward the small café. The last days she was determined to change.