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Limitless Love Collection

As always, Celina looked fabulous and didn't stop smiling, while sharing her joy with her guests. She kept walking around, talking with her friends, and stealing everyone’s attention.

I had heard that some people have charisma, an ability to make someone feel special, and Celina was that kind of person. She was talented in making other people feel nice and to disregard their worries. As long as you could stare at her big eyes, and listened to her sweet voice, you could get past everything sad and, additionally, you had the chance to reconsider your way of life. Then, you would either become eager to focus your mind on all those that could make you really happy, and try to understand them, or you would try to make a new beginning, remaking your likes and priorities, ignoring the past and the nasty facts.

I would say that I was sure about my view since I had the privilege to know Celina many years and she always had a unique way to affect my life. I would never forget the times she used to support my decisions about school, studies and, unfortunately, candidate girlfriends. I had attempted many times to make her feel jealous, but in vain.

Every time I looked at her sweet face, I could still remember the second time I tried to tell Celina that I would remain in love with her forever.

We were not children. We were seventeen and we loved walking while looking up at the sky and counting stars. The summer night was incredible; the smell of the sea, and Celina’s perfume, had seduced my mind and all I wanted was to spend the rest of my life with my princess.

The moment I was ready to reveal my secret, Celina raised her hand and sealed my lips. When I saw the teardrops running down her cheeks, I felt terrible because I had managed to shatter her heart for a second time. My beautiful princess was shaking as I rushed to hide the ring; I was ready to show her, in my pants. I had given all my money from my savings to surprise her, but I still couldn’t find the way to see her smiling. I could do nothing to help her overcome the painful experience she had lived, because of me. I would give my life to change things and get the Celina I knew back.

Her gaze had made my heartbeat run faster than the speed of light and, at that moment, all I wanted was to hold her tight in my hug and never let her go.

Celina hoped I would forget her and waited to see me falling in love with another girl but, finally, she realized that she would have to kill me in order to get her out of my mind.

Yes, she needed time to pull herself back together and adjust to reality, but I was crazy in love with her and I remained selfish. I also looked forward to having her back in my life ignoring her priorities.

I used to fight with everyone, and argue with my family since I never read anything for the school, and I did all those things because I couldn’t stop thinking of Celina.

My princess would hate seeing me trapped in the zone of pretentiousness. That was the only reason she used to be distant and abstained from coming closer to me. Nevertheless, she never liked seeing me miserable or having the facial expression of a guilty man. Celina had told me many times that I owed her nothing.

Now, the party was great and we all had great moods. We loved drinking beers and dancing under the moonlight as we also liked flirting with optimism and joy.

“It’s a great party,” the girls said, while John smiled at her.