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Le Bal des Abeilles

“I’m gonna getcha!” the woman crackled, her hands outstretched like a creepy witch. She followed after the little girl, pretending that she couldn’t get closer to her.

“No, you will not!”

Brooke loved spending her time with her niece and it was obvious that she looked forward to playing their favorite game again with Joan. She enjoyed sharing carefree moments with the blonde angel who had stolen her heart, and moreover, it was her only chance to get past her fears and agony.

For the last three weeks, they would run into the house, screaming and trying to avoid one another’s attack. The little girl rushed to escape, thinking of her options since she could either go straight under the huge, black table or toward the large, white sofa and hide behind it. The spacious living room was the best place for pillow fights and they both seemed eager to keep on having fun.

Brooke was really happy and looked impatient to getting her life back. She had started making thoughts and plans for the future, considering the possibilities of having her own family, and this time, she was sure she would make it.

The terrifying feeling of flirting intensely with death in her late thirties had vanished, and now she looked forward to living her life again. She was thirty-eight, but she didn’t care about her age and the way she would look in the future. She had managed to reconsider the real meaning of life and respect the privilege of coming across the daylight every day that passed by.

“I need a break,” Brooke said as she tried to catch her breath.

“Are you okay?” Joan was seven years old and looked like a beautiful doll. Her blonde, curly hair and her big, blue eyes showed off her sweet appearance.

“I am fine, Joan, but I think we should hurry up and fix everything because your mom is going to be here in a few minutes and we have a lot to do.” Brooke looked around her and so did Joan.

“I will help you out,” Joan whispered.

They rushed to fix the mess while accusing, teasing and laughing at one another for their careless behavior. Brooke was trying to clean the chips and the chocolate from the white carpets as Joan was dealing with the chaos in the kitchen, blaming her aunt for everything.

“Next time we will order Chinese food.” Joan intoned as she took a few more steps and knelt, staring at her aunt.

“Are you crazy? Who’s going to clean the rice from the carpets?” Brooke answered and looked Joan into her tiny eyeballs, waiting to see her beautiful smile.

“You will clean everything,” the girl murmured and Brooke held her hands and locked her niece in her arms, biting softly her neck.

“I love you so much,” the skinny woman said.

“I love you too, Brooke.” Joan hugged tight her aunt and didn’t have the least intention of letting her go.

“I am glad you didn’t call me aunt.”

“You are my second mom and I love you so much,” Joan whispered while she stretched out her arms to make her aunt see that she would always have her love and hugs. At the same time, a torrent of tears made its appearance on Brooke’s pale face, flooding her heart and soul with hope and euphoria.

“You are my precious baby,” she said

Her niece looked back at the door. “I think I heard the elevator,” Joan exclaimed and stood up.

“Oh no…!” The woman sounded like a little girl too.

“Red alert, mom is here, I repeat, mom is here.” They always had a great time together.