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Lake's Curse

“We shouldn't be here.” The young girl caressed Jason’s face, her tone worried.

The moonlight, the smell of the trees and the beauty of the entire place had managed to seduce their minds.

The atmosphere started becoming more erotic. The heat and the thirst of their bodies triggered their desires. They loved discovering the first leaps of love.

“I want to be with you, Ciara.”

“My parents will kill me. I should be home right now.” Ciara gazed at Jason and smiled.

“Stay with me.” Jason loved having his girlfriend with him.

“I can’t, I have to go home.”

“One last kiss,” Jason hinted.

The beautiful teenage girl smiled and held his hand. She bit her lips and then kissed her boyfriend. Ciara was crazy in love with Jason. She loved knowing that all the students were talking about them. She always dreamed of being a famous person.

“I think I heard something.” Ciara sounded serious.

“There’s no one else here.” Jason tried to calm her.

“It’s too late. We shouldn't be here,” Ciara repeated, stepping back.

“Don’t tell me that you are afraid of the dark.” Jason started laughing.

“There’s nothing here and we are in the middle of nowhere. And I don’t like this lake.” Ciara didn't like Jason’s reaction either.

He started laughing. “Take it easy, baby, we are in Green Lake! We live in the most boring town of the world.”

Ciara wanted to leave.

“It’s our last year in this town; I look forward to going to college,” she murmured.

“It’s just a year, baby, be patient.” Jason took his girlfriend in his arms again and caressed her back.

“Can we go now?” Ciara couldn’t stand being there one more minute.


They took a few steps. They heard the strange noise again and froze in fear. Ciara looked at Jason and held him tight. Jason remained silent and gazed upon the towering trees. The teenage boy waited to see the cause of the weird disturbance.

“What’s happening?” Ciara whispered.

Out of the blue, the night birds began screaming like fatally wounded beasts.

“I am scared to death.” Ciara locked her eyes on Jason. She wasn’t strong enough to deal with the fear of the dark. She needed a hug. Ciara wanted to hear that everything would be fine.

The birds flew higher and, before long, hid behind the hill. The chilling noise disappeared.

“I want to go home,” Ciara said impatiently.

Jason looked up at the sky and took a deep breath. He liked summer and the first hot days made him seek for the carefree memories of the previous summer.

Although he loved being there with Ciara, he had a bad feeling.

“It’s over, baby, everything will be fine. I can’t hear anything.” He was lying but Ciara didn’t realize it.

They walked to the dark path and when they saw the car, they decided to run. Jason’s car was just a few meters away.

“What was that?” Ciara stopped, startled by a noise.

“I have no idea, baby.” Jason didn’t move.

“What…” Ciara couldn’t breathe. When she saw the huge man standing behind her boyfriend, she froze in fear. That moment, Ciara realized they wouldn’t escape.

“Jason!” she cried.