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April 26, 2020



7B souls in the last 30 days

If it was a product, it would be the world’s best-selling item. It could be the most intense perfume that everyone would recognize and hate it as well.

But loneliness is not a product. Loneliness is the state of being alone and feeling bad about it. Loneliness looks forward to devouring our thoughts while tearing apart our souls. Loneliness loves giving birth to fears. Loneliness brings us closer to isolation where our darkest desires come up, driving us to dangerous paths. A silent killer, the personification of our worst nightmare, that’s exactly what it is.

Although we have come to a point where the majority of the population has almost everything needed for a good life (think about it for a while, small things make the difference), sadly, we recently realized that, in reality, we have nothing.

The coronavirus pandemic caused a serious global crisis which revealed the truth about our condition.

In a short period of time we ran into a very complicated situation. We were forced to stay indoors to be safe, and that was weird because we weren’t used to staying at home for a long time.

And we were given the chance to think about us.

But wait a minute, what? Indeed, we never had a home to accommodate our hearts. We never had a place where our souls could come across tranquility, even for a few moments. We had a house where we could rest our bodies for a couple of hours before going back to our stressful, soul- destroying routine again.

During the lockdown many of us discovered that families make you feel nice and help you get past your worries. Others found out they didn’t actually like their partners and their family members which is the worst that could happen to someone.

The quarantine gave us the opportunity and the time to discover ourselves. And made us come even closer to loneliness because of the choices we’ve made concerning our whole living (congratulations to those who had the courage to detect the problem and didn’t ignore it hiding behind their fingers. Now move on!).

We have become strangers in our own bodies, we have forgotten our dreams since we were only interested in achieving our professional goals neglecting the most basic, and I mean happiness.

In future, we won’t be able to resist to the changes of the new world. The new orders of the modern living are coming too fast and there will be no time to react because we don’t know who we are and what we need.

But I do believe there is still time to fix it. I think we should listen to our hearts and try to answer a few questions.

What do we like? What do we really miss? Are we close to the people we love and really want to be with us?

We could stand in front of the mirror and look closely at the reflection. We could focus on the eyes, the mirrors of the soul that never lie. We could ask ourselves whether we want to save our lives or not and finally spend the rest of our time the way we desire.

Willingness and honesty could help us find the solution to the most critical phase we are going through.

No matter what, we should never forget that we are not alone. Be gentle, respect and love yourself. And make up your mind as soon as possible because no one is going to do this for you.

And act before it’s too late.