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May 24, 2020


Live your life to the fullest and never have regrets. Never change who and what you are for the others and you will come across happiness, and the life you really want.

Being yourself I think it is the best someone can do to be happy. Expressing our honest thoughts and our inner feelings is not a shame nor should we feel guilty to reveal whatever our souls desire.

Being real is what makes us mature. I always liked the phrase “what you get is what you see”.

Sometimes I think about the last generations and I really feel sorry about a huge percentage of people who were not able to do what they wanted, and especially women.

Have you ever wondered how many women suffered from depression when they had been hostages of the cruel decisions of their families (?), and how many women were forced to get married when they were not willing to spend their lives with men they did not like…

Every day that passes by is a loss and will never come back. Don’t waste your time anymore. A few suggestions might be helpful.

Focus on yourself,

Satisfy all your needs,

Leave the nasty facts behind,

Avoid toxic and negative people,

Spend your time wisely,

Make plans, dreams and never lose hope.

It’s not easy to find happiness, but surely deserves the time and the effort. Last but not least, I’d like to remind you a phrase that you already know, “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” 

So never stop looking for the best for you.