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May 10, 2020


Bad days will never stop coming your way. Bad people will not stop being aggressive so don’t waste your time. Kill them with a smile.

Being rude, aggressive and humiliating people is something I will never understand. Every time I hear people talking about bullying I can’t stop wondering the reasons they have to go through this freaking experience.

Being a bully does not make you stronger or tougher than others. It shows that you are a weak and insecure person that is not able to do what others can do better than you.

Humiliating people while trying to impose your will, your thoughts and your opinions believing it’s the best way to show off the strength of your personality is just silly.

When someone acts this way it means that he/she failed to communicate with others. It means that this person lost the chance to make them feel nice having another person in their social life.

Sometimes, being different, original, and productive, and so many other characteristics make people feel weird, but this is their problem and not yours. They should deal with that and fix it.

I do believe that you should stay focused on the fact that you are unique and no one has the right and the ability to destroy your life and your dreams.

When and if you have to go through an absurd situation like bullying and I really hope you won’t, try to avoid these people. Ignore whatever they say about you and move on with your life.

If the problem persists, then talk to your family and your friends. There’s no doubt they will do anything to help you out. Remember that you have no problem; the bullies have to spend a lot of time to figure out how to get the life they want. And you are not their family so don’t deal with them because you might find yourself into bigger and more difficult troubles.

If things are very bad, don’t hesitate to call the police, and never feel guilty when they will have to pay the consequences of their own actions.

Never stop making plans for your future and never stop doing your own things. Remember that is very important to be yourself. Don’t try to change who you are just because you want to be likeable.

And never forget that you are beautiful.