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Thoughts in the Air

July 19, 2020


Have you ever wondered why human relationships are in crisis in the modern world? When was the last time you felt really nice with people you met for a first time?

The last decade we all came across some very bad and soul-destroying experiences that finally managed to change the way we think and the way we act. 

The healthy attitude vanished and we rushed to selfishness, trying to satisfy our needs ignoring the feelings of others.

We forgot to behave properly and, while for some people that was convenient, for the structure of our society it was a huge disaster.

We forgot sympathy, we don’t like being humble anymore.

Can you remember how do you usually introduce yourself to others? Most of us highlight our most important achievements thus showing off our strong personality, when we know that at some point we exaggerate.

Trying to seem superior to others is in the human nature while selfishness commands the rules of our modern living. But what would happen if each one of us was acting the same way? We would not survive and our world would end. If only we could at least try to be honest with ourselves and then with all the others.

Being humble and realistic can help our society evolve in a healthy way and become a better place to live. Harmony would take over and our world would be much better, and much happier than it is now.

We don’t really need to impose our ego and compare ourselves with other people. We should let sympathy and love take over because these are the elements of our existence. We are made of pure feelings and during our lifetime we decide which path we will follow while growing up.

Listen, love, follow and respect every single person because, in the end, we get what we deserve. Life is unpredictable and we can never be sure about the next day.

Make dreams, but get to know yourself as well before you start making plans. Be stable and don’t rush to do everything at once.

Stay humble and realistic and keep walking that way, I do believe it’s the best path for our prosperity.