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At First Sight

‘Do not lean against the door, it opens automatically.’

After reading the sign, Sandra loosened her shoulders and then took a deep breath. She scratched her nose, trying to get used to the strange smell which was spreading in the railway carriage. A disturbing noise reached her ears and then she gazed at an old woman eating chips in her seat further back in the railway carriage. She smiled at the woman and looked away.

Looking at her reflection in the glass of the busy door, she pushed her red hair from her flawless face—she wore no make-up to hide her beauty. A couple of seconds later, she noticed a handsome man with beautiful blue eyes who fixed them on her. Sandra, led by her curiosity, turned to look at the unknown man who, after that, started coming closer towards her.  She tried to stay cool as the unknown, tall man with the well-shaped body and the nice haircut moved to the seat next to her. Without losing any time, she opened her bag and put on her sunglasses as her right hand was laid on her chest and her fingers started playing with the white buttons of her tiny, yellow shirt. She had no time to stay cool, she panicked.

Sandra seemed annoyed but, on the other hand, she felt something burning in her body. He might be the pleasant surprise she was waiting for since her breakdown after her divorce from a man clueless of emotions, especially love and passion. Ten months had already passed since the tragic event and she sent those memories away from her mind. Miranda, her therapist, once told her, “Focus on you, satisfy your needs and leave all the nasty thoughts out of your life”.

In the meantime, Sandra was able to see another woman staring at the handsome man and she felt a bit weird. Emotions she had forgotten started rising again. “She is around twenty while I am forty.  She has nice, blonde hair, nice lips while I have nothing. What am I thinking? I have no chance!” she thought and stopped wishing.

A middle-aged mother with her two kids stood up from their seats and moved towards the door. The children were holding tight onto their mother and she seemed so proud of them. Every time she smiled, they seemed so happy. Sandra tried to release some space for the kids and their mother but after a bad trip she was found leaning towards the mysterious man. “I am so sorry!”

The generous man smiled and nodded while he felt lucky since he could look at her face-to-face. However, Sandra was shocked and moved away. She wasn’t only shy, but she felt pretty surprised having in front of her such a man. He seemed like the dream guy from the Hollywood movies.

The unknown man didn't waste any time and, pretty soon, he was standing opposite her and staring at her dazzling beauty. He tried to be discrete since they had already attracted the passengers’ interest. But he didn't miss the chance to turn his gaze to her at every turn. "Oh man, I need to make love to this woman definitely. She is so beautiful," he thought a couple of minutes after his first estimation.

Sandra was able to guess his thoughts, so she searched for the cell phone in her small, black bag—in a vain effort to seem indifferent—until a woman in black attire stood up from her seat so as to get off the train and Sandra didn't waste any time. She went straight for the empty seat.

Lorene station was the place where most of the passengers disembarked and, in just a few minutes, the crowded train became an almost empty vehicle for the rest. Sandra was now listening to music and staring at the empty seats wondering whether someone else would sit next to her.

Alex was supposed to get off the train since he had to go to work, but he decided to follow the ‘femme fatale’. He trusted his instincts and he wouldn't give up. The confident man was decisive and nothing could stop him  from getting what he wanted. Soon, he walked towards her while Sandra followed every step he made. She could see his black shoes and his blue jeans but her glance didn't get any higher. She was looking at him as the strongest partner she could have ever had and, with no obvious explanation, she admired him. He had the absolute eroticism she was looking for and she realized that this was what she needed, a new love with a strong man who would satisfy all her needs. The way he decided to move made the anxious lady feel flattered but, also, scared since she’d been disappointed many times in the past and it would be devastating to face another failure. In less than a second, the handsome man sat down and gave it a shot.