A.A Schenna
Amazon Best Selling Author

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...for you...

1) Is writing difficult for you?

No, it’s my passion, my addiction and I love it.

2) Do you have a regular writing schedule?

Once I start writing, I forget to stop.

3) What inspired you to start writing?

Things I face and take place in my daily life.

4) Outside of writing what do you do to relax?

I like swimming, meeting my friends and traveling.

5) How do you name your characters?

I use the names I like.

6) Are the names of the characters important to you?


7) Do you do anything when writing?

I drink coffee.

8) Night or Day?


9) In or out?


10) What have you studied?

English, Social and Human studies.

11) What is your daily work?

I teach English.