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Absurd Fate

Nancy ran to Ryan and hid in his arms, her lips quivering in fear. She rested her head on his chest; her blonde hair covering the pain of his soul and the tears of hopelessness.

“What did you see?” Ryan asked.

“I saw the same thing again.” Nancy was scared to death.

Although Nancy and Ryan loved summer walks, that year they abstained from strolling in the forest during their free time. They stopped enjoying their lovely moments under the stars of the peaceful, summer nights and they remained in their small, white house –a mile outside of town--gazing at the beautiful, large maple trees.

The last month, the residents of Criston Valley had become curious about the charming couple and since everyone knew their story, they couldn’t stop wondering whether everything was fine or not. No one would forget the determination Nancy and Ryan had shown even as teenagers to stay together forever.

In their early twenties, Nancy and Ryan got married and, since then, ten years had already passed. They loved one another and never gave up doing their best to maintain the flames of love in their marriage.

The beautiful couple had managed to steal the attention of the small town since they were young, helpful, and kind with everyone.


“What is it, baby?” Nancy was shaking, she was looking up at the sky and the shinning stars.

“What is it, Nancy?” Ryan asked again.

“He told me they are coming,” she whispered, shivering.

“Who told you that?” Ryan came closer and stood in front of her.

“The handsome man with the black clothes and the dark face. I think he can read my mind. I can’t explain it but, anyway, they are here now. I saw their traces in the sky.”

Ryan didn't know how to respond. He pulled his wife close and hugged her.

“They decided to take over. Remember my words-- they can’t kill you during the daylight,” Nancy said.

“What…” Ryan shook his head while his wife gazed at her husband and stepped back.

Nancy waved at him as a cold smile formed on her sweet face. The moment her eyes released the tears of their separation, Ryan realized he would never see her again. He sensed it was the last time he would talk with his wife, and he always trusted his instincts.

“During the night, they can’t hurt you under the ground,” Nancy said seriously.

He tried to take his wife in his arms for one last time, but in vain. Nancy pushed him away and looked angrily at his face. Ryan seemed like a soulless, muscular figure, unable to accept the truth.

“We have to see a doctor,” Ryan intoned.

Nancy’s skin flushed red and the temperature of her body started increasing dramatically.

“What’s happening, baby?” Ryan felt helpless. He was panicked, ready to scream for help.

In a flash, huge flames of fire wrapped her body as she looked at him in silence. His presence and love gave Nancy the strength she needed to deal with the pain and the devils of infinity.

“I will always love you,” she whispered.

The moment he rushed to save his wife, her body turned into ash, and he began screaming her name and calling for help. Ryan fell on the floor and kept yelling.